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The Absolute Addiction
I'm addicted again! It took 6 months but the kdrama addict in me is back from the rehab!
Sweeping music, gorgeous cinematography, stunning and innovative costumes. The PD has been doing a superb job so far and together with the writer they have weaved together a thrilling, sweeping , fast-paced and moving story with many suprises and twists along the way. It's difficult to shock me after 7 years of watching kdramas but they have managed it in barely 60 minutes more than once. The last drama to do that was probably City Hunter. What I admire about the writer isn't afraid to knock down the stereotype  - childhood story first and then the adults - they've brought in the adults for the beginning which immediately got us inside the present events, with the childhood portion following in and it looks like they are going to interconnect these two timelines which is great and novel.
[Spoiler (click to open)]
THE KICK A** MOMENT OF THE EPISODE aka the moment that I knew I fell in love with this show - Lee Soon in full warriot mode and his triumphant entrance at the celebration for the Chinese ambassadors. I really thought the old musician was dead, it was such a great twist. And the cooperations between the cousins = kicka**!!!


We got the intoduction to all the players in this high stake game of love, hate, greed and power. It's great to see all the characters being 3 dimensional individuals whose ambitions and desires we learn in every scene.
The fashion designer, the pampered miss and kleptomaniac - I have to say that Sukjong got herself quite a harem there. It's still too soon to tell how well the actress will play them in the future but right now they've been doing a stellar job, even though Sookbin is a little too bitchy from the get go.

It's refreshing to see a portrayl of King Sukjong which doesn't depict him as weak, indecisive or old for once. I think that Yoo Ah In doesn't even need to act since the sageuk vibe must have been ingrained in him early on probably even before his birth. Lee Soon has this "sexy and he knows it" attitude going on that I'm totally digging, he's shrewd and dreamy but can be decisive when the situation calls for it, yet doesn't lack vulnerability that makes him so very human.
He's everything that Yang Myung Goon in MTETS was not - all handsome masculinity, he is smart, funny, skilled, hides his emotions well and at the same time doesn't have that annoying tragic and melancholic pathos in every look. I've never seen such a character in kdrama LSY intoduces something new and that's really hard to do in an entertainment which emits more than 60 series a year and the movies I don't even dare to count. It kind of reminds me of Johnny Depp's portrayl of Jack Sparrow - a completely unique character .
LEE SOON & DONG PYUN GOON = BEST BROMANCE EVER!!! - I ship them together.
LEE SOON & JANG OK JUNG ROMANCE - I ship them, too.
The fashion show - I know some found it too cheese, however, I'm glad the producers aren't afraid to add a modern vibe to the sageuk genre. The sheer gorgeousness!!!
The things I disliked:
I don't necessary like the song I confess myself being an anti-fan of this singer because I simply don't consider his voice suitable for the romantic mood in dramas. I hated "Love" he sung for CH. The instrumentals are amazing hope they will release them on .

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I've been re-watching it all over again for the last 3 days :-)! The episode 3 preview looks even more like very romance novel lover's dream. I think that the author of the original book is also writing the script because the name of the scriptwriter is exactly same as the name of the author. Well, it it's true then she's been producing one hell of a script. I only hope The Thrid World War won't start before episode 3 airs ;-)

I chose TGFB over this to watch now, and I'm very okay with that, but your post has made me positively itch for summer, when I'll be watching this one. The look of this is wonderful, and the characters sound very captivating. :-D

I've done it the other way around - I've begun with JOJ and it's so exciting I can't help but be completely mesmerized by it! Therefore I left TGFB for the summer, too. Well, both series are scheduled for 24 episodes and end on June 25 so then we'll just switch the dramas :-).

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