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The Absolute Addiction
I've always thought that SKKS will stay my favourite sageuk forever, however, if the production team can keep the high level it set up until the end, whatever end, I'm ready to worship this drama until the day I die. That is, of course, only if SBS won't go MSOAN on us and changer the writer because of the abysmal ratings. I'm not religious but I'm ready to pray the bosses at SBS won't get this deranged idea!

JOJ has been a perfect show thus far and I don't use that word too often in Kdramaland, only a handful of Korean series did get that badge from me - Secret Garden, MGIAG, Bridal Mask and City Hunter with YAB coming darn close. It doesn't have any weakness. I admit I was the first one to get sceptical about that fashion designer heroine set up, I thought it would become another mess like Fashion King but, God, how I was wrong! In the end, the fact that JOJ designs clothes is principal and tightly interconnected with almost every important plotline in the story. The script is simply inspired, brilliant and completely innovative and that is something to say in an entertainment when almost every possible or impossible scenario has been redone thousand time on thousand different ways. It's obvious that the PD must love it because what he brings from paper ot life is unbelievable. Fast paced, well edited with transitions - in a kdrama transitions! I wouldn't believe you if you told me - and emotive and epic soundtrack.

THE DRAMA ITSELF IS LIKE A STUDY OF GORGEOUSNESS - The locations, the sets and the costumes seem almost fairytale-like. Choi Jung Mi has written complex characters with their own agendas and motiovations. You won't find a one dimensional villain who is evil just for the sake of being evil. Which leads me to the acting - If there were any justice in the world the Korean Film and Television Academy would give YAI with a Baeksang Award right now and save yourself the trouble because they won't be a better performance of Sukjong ever.

I used to think that KSH acting was really good for such a young actor but I have to say that YAI can get the better of him with a flick of his hand. This man was born to wear the sageuk garb even his bone structure was made for it! He plays Lee Soon the future king Sukjong with so many layers - one moment he is warm and loving with his sister and father and the next he is the flustrated boy who can never spend his life with a woman he would love.

I didn't expect miracles from KTH in her first major sageuk role, however, if I say that I was midly suprised then it would be the understatement of the century - she is godd and I mean really good. She hasn't had a scne yet where she were subpar or couldn't keep up with the other actors and there are some scenes where she's been acting lights out - when she met prince Boksun the mix of strength, vulnerability, determination and fear really gutted me.

I ship LS and JOJ like I've never ship any couple before! Maybe one of the reasons is that since everything will go inevitably down the drain I must enjoy it while it lasts. Be it their childhood meetings or their adulthood interactions it's always about mutual attraction first. There is the ever palable emotional tension mixed with physical and sexual attraction and I'm glad the writer nor the PD aren'T afraid to show all those aspects of their connection. It's building up to be a very realistically developed relationship, the stars and the moon didn'T align because of their fated romance, their connection won't be based on some predestined mythological crap that the writer would remind us every episode with the subtlety og a boomerang so we didn't forget for a second they were REALLY meant to be.


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