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Jang Ok Jung & The Gu Family Book OST previews!
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A new short preview footage of JOJ is out with a new OST called "Rain Elegy" by Im Jae Beum. I confess myself being an anti-fan of this singer because I simply don't consider his voice suitable for the romantic mood in dramas. I hated "Love" he sung for CH and I'm slightly disappointed he sings the first song of JOJ but in the end I'm OK with the way how the OST turned out.

This is the theme song for TGFB "My Eden" sung by Yisabel Jo at the press conference this week and I'm loving the unusual, surreal and fantasy-like feel of the whole song and the voice of YJ that really complements the musical arrangement:

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I've just watched the 2-hour long RMPW SP without subtitles, mind you, so I still don't comprehend some parts of the dialogue but what I know for sure is that Toru and Makoto have officially made it into my TOP 5 JDRAMA OTPs OF ALL TIME!!!



You have to see this yourself because if it was me and someone else told me about the level of fluffy heart-tugging sweetness this live action contains I wouldn't believe him.

BEWARE!!! This post includes spoilery picspam and gifs of shippy perfection:
[Spoiler (click to open)]

Hyuga Toohru has just deposed Hanazawa Rui as my favourite character played by Oguri Shun - he manages to be both dreamy and achingly real in his performance of HT that you can't help but fall in love with his flawed character PLUS the chemistry he has with Ishihara Satomi is UNREAL!!!

It takes place during the months prior the final scene of the first season - Hyuga and Makoto are in NYC, he for a deal, she for a presentation of her research and they are meeting on Times Square where else
(she has a gps on him and I squealed when she showed it to the taxi driver while explaining that HER MAN!!! is waiting for her there and it looks like the taxi driver became their shipper.)

After all, japanese OTPs do that after a long time of separation and since Shun didn't get any in HYD it's his time to shine and he's far more appreciative that MatsuJun was - he takes his girlfriend on the cutest date ever and he doesn't leave her until her departure to Brasil!!!!

Time jump and ... we get to see Makoto show the girls world over that she has her man on high suirveillance and isn't letting any b**ch take him from her (I'm pretty sure this scene is a little nod to IS starring in Sadako 3D). HILARIOUS!!!

In the NI everyone treats her like the future wife of the CEO and they even trick Hyuga into letting Makoto live with him. To say he isn't pleased would be an understatement. If it was any western series I would jump 2 meters high because it would mean a bed scene - well, the problem here is that Hyuga doesn't have one:

However, that isn't the reason why he didn't want Makoto to live with him - he is a stickler for high-class design (it took him years to buy a fridge, for Christ sake, he probably doesn't know the meaning behind the warmth of home phrase) and this particular obsession doesn't go well with the unfashionable cosiness that his girlfriend obviously prefers. But I don't mind since this had me rolling on the floor with laughter - I bow down to OS's acting genius:

There is a homage to season 1 shopping scene, too:

Proceed with caution - spoiler-heavy:
To make long story short, they quarrel, break up, suffer but make up and get back together which leads us back to the reunion scene in the final episode after which Makoto moves in with Toohru again. HE CALLS HER MAKOTO AND THAT GETS HIM AND US THIS AWESOME REWARD:

and she calls him Toohru



Ps: All gifs are mine so, please, don't use them without permission :-)

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Now this is going to be interesting. 4 years ago I'd wished that she would play GJD in BOF and now I will finally see what is this pairing worth! I

I'm quite fond of PSH since YAB - one of biggest kdrama addictions of all time and its final episode was the first I've ever watched on livestream - she made the clutzy character of Mi Nyu really endearing even though her kissing ability leaves a lot to be desired (at least on screen) but now, she's gotten herself the maestro of kissing, créme de la créme aka the kissing beast himself so I expect a rapid improvement of her skills in that department because I suspect that neither the writer would be satisfied with her dead fish kisses considering that CH, SG and AGD had all one of the hottest kissing scenes in kdrama history. The good thing is that she is experienced, can act both funny and serious characters, looks great, she is the perfect age and she already worked with LMH before so they are comfortable with each other - I think we couldn't wish for more. This is the first time that I wish for summer to be over before it even began. OCTOBER, COME SOON!!!  

I pray LMH will teach her how to kiss properly ;-), though.
Let's simply hope that the kissing scenes in Heirs won't come to such abrupt end.

Here are some video of commercial and interviews they made together:
[Spoiler (click to open)]


"True love is blind."


The 2007 Belgian/Dutch co-production movie is an intimate story with only 4 characters, realistic but at the same time fairytale-like where the director uses every possible sensory perception that Ruben has available - touch, smell, hearing,... - to highten the whole experience. After I'd seen the trailer I never stood a chance.

[Spoiler (click to open)]
The story is set at the beginning of the 20th century during winter in a rich household where a young and lonesome boy Ruben (Joren Sedelslachts) lives alone with his mother and a handful of servants. Unfortunately, Ruben is blind, he is good-looking but capricious and aggressive man who scares and attacks anyone who comes near him even his mother is afraid of him and sees him as a half-wild animal. So she hires a reader for him, Marie.

And hereby I present another of my fucked-up OTP who are both dysfunctional with the rest of the world, however, completely perfect for each other:

Ruben and Marie, I immediately fell head over heels in love with them. They are so similar, both broken inside and out, however, each one dealing with it differently. He is rich, young, and handsome, his mother's beloved son who lost his sight in childhood, as a result he became an angry and tortured young man, cast into darkness, unable to tolerate the presence of anyone. Marie, on the other hand, is an albino woman in her thirties, who was as a child mutilated and scarred by her own mother who couldn't bear that her daughter was different, maybe even being jealous of her outlandish but still beautiful looks, thus constantly telling Marie how ugly she was. This psychological and physical abuse caused Marie to feel very insecure in front people, usually never daring to show herself to them much less her face, reading books became for her a form of an escape.

The first time they meet he lashes out on her and starts throwing teacups at her but she catches every single one which leaveing him completely doumbfounded since he can't hear the crashing. You suddenly realize that for him destroying things is a way to make himself believe that he is still alive. It's perhaps the first time that anyone got under his skin.

She starts to read to him the story of Snow Queen, Gerda and Kai. He knows it but still listens because he can't figure her out and is intrigued by her.
[Spoiler (click to open)]
He ask her how she looks and how old she is but she lies telling him she is a brunette with green eyes in her early twenties.

When he touches the scars on her hands and face Joren thinks them to be winter flowers - you really can't blame Marie for falling for him

Before Marie came Ruben was treated like invalid, however, Marie teaches him how to be self-sufficient and to take care of himself - I wouldn't mind teaching him myself

Shaving have never been this romantic

For a time there are truly happy but it turns out the an operation can make Ruben see again

It's them against the world - their stations, looks, age, propriety, prejudices, Marie's lies, his mother hates her, his doctor and family friend is no better,...So the question is: will Ruben reject Marie or will true love prove to be really blind

Blind is a masterpiece that is going to take your heart.

By the way, the movie has an amazing soundtrack which was never officially released. Here, is at least a youtube link to the most beautiful instrumental of the entire film:

It is a truth universally aknowledged that the best movies are usually hidden and underpromoted gems you come upon only  by chance and sheer dumb luck. The only reason I came to know about ARA was because the production team decided to shoot the movie partially in my country!

[Spoiler (click to open)]
The film is based on a true story about the princess Caroline Matilda of Great Britain (the stunning Alicia Vikander) who is sent to Dennmark to her bethrothed in 1767, the mentally ill King Christian VII (an Oscar-worthy performance by Mikkel Følsgaard). The young and naive Caroline is full of romantic ideals which are cut ubruptly short -  her husband is a madman who likes bedding whores rather than his own wife with whom he sleeps only to fulfil his duty. To say that they first night together was ghastly and uncomfortable at best would be an understatement of the century, after Christian gets her quickly pregnant he ignores her completely. If that was not enough, her favourite books by French and German englightened writers are seized by court as inappropriate because while the rest of Europe is slowly being influenced by the ideas of Englightement Dennmark is still firmly set in the Middle Ages. However, everything changes with the arrival of Johann Struensee (hot and charismatic Mads Mikkelsen), the new personal physicians of the king. Struensee who is a secret supporter of the Reformation quickly wins the king's trust - they fence, play theatre, sweep out the whorehouses together, ... - holds his madness in check and gradually gains an immense influence over him.

The movie is splendid on so many levels. I find it astonishing how realistic the storytelling is - the perfect blend of history and fiction without being cheesy or boring - it's a huge credit to the script and the actors who really make the characters come alive. Mikkel Følsgaard excels in the role of the mad king making the unlikeable character so utterly human that you can't help yourself but feel sympathy for the lonely man.

And now, THE OTP - I usually hate the older man-younger girl relationships - there is an age difference of 23 years between Mads Mikkelsen and Alicia Vikander !!! Nevertheless.... THEY BURN THE SCREEN WITH THEIR POTENT CHEMISTRY!!! Caroline and Johann are perfect for each other - they have tough life but despite all the letdowns they stay strong and fight for what they believe is right. A married Queen and poor doctor, both idealists who fall in love with each other and began extramarital affair which results in pregnancy (no contraception - 18th century was tough for adulterers). Since she is married it'd be simple to declare her husband the father, however, there is this tiny little detail that king already got his heir so he no longer sees the need to bed his wife. So the only sensible thing for Caroline to do is to make Christian sleep with her again. She meets with Johann afterwards and you can see the agony in his eyes when she is trembling and doesn't allow him to touch her because she still smells of Christian - YES, YES, THEY ARE SO SCREWED UP BUT STILL PERFECT!!!  

[Spoiler (click to open)]
The walk in the park- it began so innocently

DV in the 18th century

Don't get your hopes up - this is not Frozen Flower

The most fucked-up threesome in the history of Dennmark




One moment of utter happiness before everything goes done the drain

[Spoiler (click to open)]
This isn't going to end well:

If I say the movie is beautiful I mean it literally:

Source: http://aliciavikandering.tumblr.com/post/43988441698/what-if-he-doesnt-like-me

ARA was filmed mostly on locations in my country the Czech Republic! It was great to see so many Czech sights in this gorgeous movie which bagged both an Oscar and Golden Globe nominations for Best Foreign Movie. Here are few places you can spot in the film:
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Český Krumlov (Bohemian Crumlow) - a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Kroměříž (Flower Garden) - a UNESCO World Heritage Site



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I'm going down with this ship! There is no way I'm getting off, EVER! I LOVE THEM TO DEATH, I'VE BEEN WATCHING DALLAS, FOR CHRIST SAKE! All because of this OTP. I still can't believe I've been wasting my precious time on a show where everyone sleeps with everyone and when they are done they play this merry-go-round all over again. I know my brain will probably rot but I can't help it. These are photos for the upcoming episodes that have made me into a mushy mess:

The truth is that I started to watch this series because I saw some MV of the JR3/Elena pairing and thought that Josh Henderson had an almost identical voice as Hayden Christensen (my first love if it weren't for Kim Rossi Stuart in Fantaghiro), pair of expressive eyes and brought this character to life.

[Spoiler (click to open)]
In the beginning, I pseudo-shipped him with Elena as we were told she was his one true love since childhood but I really couldn't wholeheartedly like them together since it was so obvious she was with him only because Christopher, the love of her life, married another even though he apparently still loved Elena. The whole season they were together she wanted John Ross to become the exact copy of her beloved Christopther, she suspected him of all the evil and wrongdoings in the world (he lied her just once but in the end he decided not to go against the family, thus betraying his own father whose respect he strived to get his whole life). If that wasn't enough she broke off their engagement while sending her mother with the ring to tell him while she had sex with Christopher in some hotel room. Plus there is this thing that Jordana Brewster can't act even if her life depended on it and she looks a little like withered codfish.

In season 2 John Ross starts the "revenge-sex-business-deal" relationship with Pamela (Christopher's enstranged wife) which gradually develops into something more. They give off together this star-crossed lovers kind of feeling since their fathers are mortal enemies who can't bear the thought of their children being with each other. John Ross and Pamela are two people who have been hurt by their fathers' lack of affection and betrayed by the people they loved, they are schemers that sometimes use backhanded tactics to get what they want but at the same time they are fiercely loyal to their families. They are honest with each other even brutally so and have seen the other both at his/her best and worst. I think the attraction between them grows no matter how much they fight it. I had to say that I was suprised buy how much better Julie's Gonzalo's acting got - the hospital scene in episode 10 gutted me.

Here are some shippy MVs of THE DYNAMIC DUO:

[Spoiler (click to open)]

Jang Ok Jung!!! The Gu Family Book!!! I need this like right now!!!
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So after 5 months of abstinence from K-dramas the time has finally come again to overdose myself again! The Mon-Tue ride starts April 8!!!

1. JANG OK JUNG starring Yoo Ah In and Kim Tae Hee - Based on a chick lit novel "Jang Ok Jung, Live For Love" written by Choi Jung Mi in 2008 ( I spy with my little eye a re-edition in the making) about perhaps the most notoriously known queen/concubine in Korean history who had penchant for plotting, poison and necrophilia. However, in this rendition of the famous tale she is a Joseon Stella McCartney who wins the heart of King Sukjong (if you watched Dong Yi or QIHM - those were big fat lies).
This one is hi
tting all the right notes and works for me in alll the ways that I hoped MTETS would have but never did. The acting, the chemistry, the cinematography, the music, the costumes!!! - I LOVE ALL OF IT!
I think YAI must have been born for the Joseon garb - it's Moon Jae Shin's comeback and it seems he hasn't grown a day older!!! I had my doubts about the chemistry between the leads when it's announced that KTH who is quite older than him was cast as the heroine but now I have to give the casting team the credit it deserves because even the air around them appears to be crackling with sparks. Plus the real JOJ was older than the king so kudos for some historical accuracy. I just hope they won't drag the childhood portion of the story for too long, I'm also curious how much they'll stick to the original novel by Choi Jung Mi .

I'm totally digging the ending sequence showing the pair of lovers completely immersed in their own world but being observed  and spied upon by all the other players in the high stake game of love, hate and power - it's like one of those guilty-pleasure historical novels of mine made into a TV series - I'm all in !!! I really hope the music being played during that sequence is going to make it into the actual drama because it's AWESOME.

2. THE GU FAMILY BOOK starring Lee Seung Gi and Suzy - LSG in a drama involving a gumiho, however, this time he is the one with the supernatural blood in his veins, and it seems that another poor gumiho in love is going to be betrayed by his human lover and meet gruesome fate.
The cinematography looks stunning  but that's hardly a suprise when the PD is Shin Woo Chul, the director of Secret Garden  I can't wait to see the story of KC's parents - doomed romance involving cladestine meetings and lovemaking in a secret cave hideaway where the heroine comes later to give birth!!! - the writer must be a telepath! BRING IT ON!!! The whole story reminds me slightly of a mash-up of Inuyasha with a little of Rurouni Kenshin . It's definitely on my must-watch list together with Jang Ok Jung.

First Post Ever!!! After 5 years of membership I suddenly realized it was about time.
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Hi, everyone out there! This is my first official post on livejournal so let me introduce myself a little. I'm a university student from the Czech Republic with plenty of incurable addictions which you'll subsequently notice if I actually bring myself to write another post. These addictions include my eternal love for Rafael Nadal, Asian dramas, movies, music, series, books of any origin and manga to name a few. I'm looking foward to finding many fellow procrastinators and addicts!!!


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